Betting Strategies

Making The Cancellation Betting System Work For You

There are many blackjack betting strategies available at your disposal. One of them is the cancellation method. Here we will look at how this system works and what are its advantages over other online blackjack betting strategies.

In a cancellation system, you will need a pen and paper to monitor the bets. The first step is to record a series of numbers. Your first bet will depend on the total of the initial and last number in the series. You scratch out the numbers if your bet is successful. On the other hand, the sum of the two numbers will count as your new last number. The system continues until all the numbers in the series have been scratched and then a new number series commences.

In this online blackjack betting strategy, the principle behind is that for every successful bet, you take out two numbers. If otherwise, only one number will be added. Though the expected losses is double than your winnings, it is still likely to prevail in your bet. Your profits will be equivalent to the total of the numbers you initially recorded.

However, one drawback of the cancellation system is that if you are on a losing streak, your losses will be double than your winnings. As this unfolds, you will realize that the number series you made will keep on extending and your succeeding bets will become higher. Eventually, you could end up bankrupt. However, this is within the normal fluctuation at least in blackjack.

In addition, cancellation betting methods are more appealing to compulsive gamblers. They have a term for the act of trying to recover money that is already lost with cash that you are willing to gamble and this is known as steaming. When you start losing money intended for other things, the trend continues until you realize that everything is gone including your car or estate.

Steaming is a common feature of cancellation betting. In this online blackjack betting strategy, as your losses pile up, your bets become higher. The losses you incurred are not a result of the increase in the count or the favor has now switched to your side. The bets are much higher because even though your losses are already huge, you increase your bet to recover whatever you lost.

Finally, since cancellation betting methods follow a certain pattern which you must strictly follow, this does not make it a smart betting strategy but compulsive gambling. It is another example of a progressive betting system and this makes the method risky.

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