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Understanding The Surrender Rule In Online Blackjack

In some online casinos offering blackjack, the surrender option is an additional online blackjack betting strategy. Like other online blackjack options, surrender can work wonders for you by playing your cards right. Otherwise, things could go wrong if you make wrong decisions.

In this option, you have the prerogative to surrender your hand once you are dealt with your first couple of cards. If you opt to surrender, there are a couple of ways by which you can inform the dealer. First, you can verbally tell the dealer of your intention to surrender. Another option is to utilize hand signals by placing your finger on the table and moving them from right to left. When you signify your intention to surrender, your cards will be removed from the table and half of your bet goes to the dealer. In other words, you have deprived yourself of playing the hand and fifty percent of your bet is kept by the dealer.

Surrendering seems to be an act of cowardice in online blackjack. Is it possible to win by throwing away fifty percent of your bet? The truth of the matter is both you and the house will benefit from this online blackjack betting strategy. But when is the opportune time to opt for surrender? Logic would say that the best time is when you are likely to win a hand which is not good in the first place.

In addition, you must opt for surrender if the likelihood of you winning the hand is below 25% which implies that the house is likely to beat you by more than 50%. Likewise, if the advantage of the house is more than fifty percent, then your best option is to surrender 50% of your wager.

If you are involved in a game of multiple deck online blackjack, you should only surrender certain hands. Do not throw away two pairs of eights or a soft 15 or 16(this is a hand consisting of an ace valued as 11, and 5). If the dealer has an ace, you cannot give up your hand unless the dealer gets a blackjack. If they have a blackjack, your hand is lost.

But if this online blackjack betting strategy is ideal for blackjack players, why do casinos earn profit from this ruling. The reason is that many players will give up all kinds of hands like a hard 12 or 13. By doing this, you are wasting your money at the online casino.

Surrender can be a good online blackjack betting strategy if you know how to use it effectively. So, learn the basics of surrender and then utilize it in casinos which allow this option.

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